betul is my name

The only people I can trust, are the ones that look like me
mspaint enthusiast.
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i’ve got gord


~aorta thumping


~ballooned organs

~shortness of breath

~chest pains

Finally went to the doctors and got a diagnosis for this shit (pun unintended)

Be cured in two days

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cookies n cream

Nick just accused me of purposely trying to make him fat/sabotage his diet cos I tried to force feed him one teaspoon of icecream


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r.i.p australia’s future

I predict a riot

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i wish i could take back my first time

it definitely scarred me in regards to sex a bit. I was so young and peer pressured into it and the guy was really rough. I was heavily intoxicated and don’t even remember much, but it still had a lasting impression. My last experience was amazing, but recently I’ve been feeling anxious and unworthy Y AM I SO INSECURE :(

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I miss you so much

who is this

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“ima bout to make chu one less lonely boy”

just a reminder

uh, me like my entire life